UNIT 104. Comparison 3 (as … as/than)

Canada-06 grammar


Study this example situation:
Sarah, Eric, and David are all very rich.
Sarah has $20 million, Eric has $15 million, and David has $10 million.

Eric is rich.
He is richer than David.
But he isn’t as rich as Sarah.
(= Sarah is richer than he is)

Sarah – $20 million
Eric – $15 million
David – $10 million


Some more examples of not as .. (as):
– Richard isn’t as old as he looks. (= he looks older than he is)
– The shopping mall wasn’t as crowded as usual. (= it is usually more crowded)
– Jenny didn’t do as well on the test as she had hoped.
(= she had hoped to do better)
– The weather is better today. It’s not as cold (= yesterday was colder)
– I don’t know as many people as you do. (= you know more people.)
– A : How much did it cost? Fifty collars?
B : No, not as much as that. (= less than fifty dollars)

You can also say not so … (as):
– It’s not warm, but it isn’t so cold as yesterday. (= it isn’t as cold as …)

Less … than is similar to not as … as:
– I spent less money than you. (= I didn’t spend as much money as you)
– The shopping mall was less crowded than usual. (= it wasn’t as crowded as usual)
– Ted talks less than his brother. (= he doesn’t talk as much as his brother does)


We also use as … as (but not so … as) in positive sentences and in questions:
– I’m sorry I’m late. I got hare as fast as I could.
– There’s plenty of food. You can have as much as you want.
– Let’s walk. It’s just as quick as taking the bus.
– Can you send me the money as soon as possible, please?

Also twice as … as, three times as … as, etc:
– Gas is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.
– Their house is about three times as big as ours.


We say the same as (not the same like):
– Ann’s salary is the same as mine. or Ann gets the game salary as me.
– David is the same age as James.
– “What would you like to drink?” “I’ll have the same as you.”


Than me / than I am , etc.

you can say:
– You’re taller than I am.(not usually You’re taller than I) or You’re taller than me.
– He’s not as clever as she is. or He’s not as clever as her.
– They have more money than we do. or They have more money than us.
– I can’t run as fast as he can. or I can’t run as fast as him.

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