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Japanese Christmas dinner

me 先日はクリスマスだったよ。 日本ではクリスマスにケンタッキーフライドチキンを食べる人も多いけど、海外では考えられないってのは本当なん? Hey! How was your Christmas? Many Japanese peop...
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The Maniacal Story of Kit Kat

The other day, in an online English lesson, I got into a conversation about snacks with a tutor from the Philippines. T...
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Request to subscribe to Youtube channel

I went to the a concert the other day. While I was waiting for it, I was approached by a local TV talent and asked to su...
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The effect of Super Mario

Not long ago, my son sometimes refused to goto kindergarten. So, I make a domestic rule. It's "If you don't go to kinder...
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The jobs get serious damage from COVID-19

Today, for lunch, I decided to go to a Sri Lankan curry shop that I've always been interested in. But, the restaurant op...
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The game music that has been loved for many years.

These day, my son is really into Tetris by Nintendo Switch. You can play it for free. He enjoys not only playing the ga...