UNIT 41. Passive 2 (be done / been / done / being done)

Australia-04 grammar


Study the following active and passive forms:

After will / can / must / going to / want to, etc.

active : do / clean / see, etc.
passive : be + done / cleaned / seen, etc.

Somebody will clean this room later.
This room will be cleaned later.

  • The situation is serious. Something must be done before it’s too late.
  • A mystery is something that can’t be explained.
  • The music was very loud and could be heard from far away.
  • A new supermarket is going to be built next year.
  • Please go away. I want to be left alone.



After should have / might have / would have / seem to have, etc.

active : done / cleaned / seen, etc.
passive : been + done / cleaned / seen, etc.

Somebody should have cleaned this room.
This room should have been cleaned.

  • I haven’t received the letter yet. It might have been sent to the wrong address.
  • If you had locked the car, it wouldn’t have been stolen.
  • These were some problems at first, but they seem to have been solved.


Present Perfect

active : have / has + (done), etc.
passive : have / has been + (done), etc.

The room looks nice. Somebody has cleaned it.
The room looks nice. It has been cleaned.

  • Have you heard? The concert has been canceled.
  • Have you ever been bitten by a dog?
  • “Are you going to the party?” “No, I haven’t been invited.”
    Past Perfect

    active : had + (done), etc.
    passive : had been + (done), etc.

The room looked nice. Somebody had cleaned it.
The room looked nice. It had been cleaned.

  • The vegetables didn’t taste very good. They had been cooked too long.
  • The car was three years old the hadn’t been used very much.


Present Continuous

active : am / is / are + (do)ing
passive : am / is / are + being (do)

Somebody is cleaning the room right now.
This room is being cleaned right now.

  • There’s somebody walking behind us. I think we are being followed.
  • (in a shop) “Can I help you?” “No. thank you. I’,m being helped.”

Past Continuous

active : was / were + (do)ing
passive : was / were + being (done)

Somebody was cleaning this room when I arrived.
This room was being cleaned when I arrived.

  • There was somebody walking behind us. We were being followed.