UNIT 60. Verb + Preposition + -ing (succeed in -ing / accuse somebody of -ing, etc.)

Australia-23 grammar
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Many verbs have the structure verb + preposition (in/for/about, etc.) + object.

For example

verb + Preposition + Object
We talked about the problem.
You should apologize for what you said.

If the object is another verb, it ends in -ing:

verb + Preposition + -ing (object)
We talked about going to South America
You should apologize for not telling the truth

Some more verbs with this structure:

{succeed} Have you succeeded in finding a job yet?
{insist (on)} They insisted on paying for dinner.
{think (of)} I’m thinking of buying a house
{dream (of)} I wouldn’t dream of asking them for money.
{approve (of)} He doesn’t approve of swearing.
{decide (against)} We have decided against moving to Chicago.
{feel (like)} Do you feel like going out tonight?
{look forward (to)} I’m looking forward to meeting her.

You can also say “approve of somebody doing something.” “look forward to somebody doing something”:
– I don’t approve of people killing animals for nun.
– We are all looking forward to Bob coming home.


The following verbs can have the structure verb + object + preposition + -ing:

Verb + Object + Preposition + ing (object)
{congratulate (on)} Ann on getting a new job
{accuse (of)} us of telling lies.
{suspect (of)} the general of being a spy
{prevent (from)} you from coming to see us?
{keep (from)} me from falling asleep.
{stop (from)} us from enjoying our vacation.
{think (for)} them for helping me.
{excuse (for)} me for not returning your call.

Some of these verbs are often used in the passive. For example:
– We were accused of telling lies.
– The general was suspected of being a spy.

Note that we say “apologize to somebody for …”:
– I apologized to them for keeping them waiting. (not I apologized them)