Delivery to the bathroom

food-delivery Family

The other day, before my wife took her son to the dentist, she asked me, “We’re going to stop by Mcdonalds on the way home, is there anything you’d like me to buy?”
So I asked her for an apple pie.

After they got home and she was putting the hamburgers and fries on the table, my son asked, “What about this?” and pointed to the apple pie.
She replied, “Oh, that’s your father’s.” , then my son said “Okay, I’ll bring it to him!” and brought out it.

At that time, I was in the bathroom to relieve myself. (No one was home when I went to the bathroom, so I didn’t lock the door.)

My son opened the bathroom door, handed me an apple pie and said, “Dad! I bought for you!. Bye!” and left.

I was happy for his kindness, but, I was confused by this weird situation of having food delivered to the bathroom, and I didn’t feel like eating it.
So, I decided to eat it at a convenient time after I got out of the bathroom.