Japanese new year(How do you celebrate new year?)

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The answer to this question.
“How do you celebrate new year?”

Japan has a culture called “Hatsumode”.

Many Japanese people visit a shrine to make a wish for the new year.

We throw our money in the box called “Saisen-Bako”, and ring the bell and make a wish.

Actually, most of us don’t really know the specific God we are talking to.

There are different God or Goddess in each shrines.

After make a wish, we draw a fortune called “Omikuji”.

It is written this year’s luck, such as “Dai-Kichi”, “Chu-Kichi”, “Sho-Kichi”, “Kyo” etc.

“Kichi” means luck.
“Kyo” means bad luck.

Whey they get bad luck Omikuji, they tie it to the tree to get rid of bad energy.