Their wonderful research skills

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I use “GitPitch” that creates a presentation document with a markdown.
I tweeted
“They give good service. But, some functions cost $ 8 per month. I worry about its cost.”
(I wrote it in Japanese.)

Then, I received a direct mail “We have also a purchase plan!” from the official.
How amazing they are!
They are researching the users also in Japanese!

By the way, here is the document I created.

cf. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax.




create presentation document with markdown.

→ creates(三人称単数)、a presentation document(冠詞)、a markdown(冠詞、たぶん笑)

This is goog service.

→ good(スペル。但し、They give good service. のほうがナチュラル)

But, some features

→ features でok?? functions??

it’s cost

→ its(それの/そのを意味する場合はアポストロフィ無し。有りだと、it is/it was/it hasの略)

How amazing they are also researching user in Japanese!

→ 長めの場合 How amazing! か How amazing they are! で一度切る。後半をよりよくするには、They are researching the users also in Japanese!

Here is I created document.

→ here is the document I created.

kaki en talk ~英語が苦手な日本人エンジニアが書く 英語の日記~ (解説付き)