UNIT 120. In/at/on (Position) 1

Canada-22 grammar



in a room
in a building
in a box

in a garden
in a town/city
in a country

in a pool
in an ocean

  • There’s somebody in the room / in the building / in the garden.
  • What do you have in your hand / in your month?
  • When we were in Chile, we spent a few days in Santiago.
  • I have a friend who lives in a small village in the mountains.
  • There were some people swimming in the pool / in the ocean / in the river.



at the bus stop
at the door
at the intersection
at the front desk

  • Do you know that man standing at the bus stop / at the door / at the window?
  • Turn left at the traffic light / at the church / at the intersection.
  • We have to get off the bus at the next stop.
  • When you leave that hotel, please leave your key at the front desk.



on the ceiling
on the door
on the table
on the wall
on the flow

on her nose

on a page

on an island

  • I sat on the floor / on the ground / on the grass / on the beach / on a chair.
  • There’s a dirty mask on the wall / on the ceiling / on your nose / on your shirt.
  • Have you seen the notice on the bulletin board / on the door?
  • You’ll find the listings of TV programs on page 7 (of the newspaper).
  • The hotel is on a small island in the middle of the lake.


Compare in and at:
– There were a lot of people in the store. It was very crowded.
Go along this road, then turn left at the store.

  • I’ll meet you in the hotel lobby.
    I’ll meet you at the entrance to the hotel.

Compare in and on:
– There is some water in the bottle.
There is a label on the bottle.

Compare at and on:
– There is somebody at the door. Should I go and see who it is?
There is a sign on the door. It says “Do not disturb.”