UNIT 75. Names with and without the 1

Australia-38 grammar


We do not use the with names of people (Ann, taylor, etc). In the same way, we do not normally use the with names of places.
For example:

Continents Africa (not the Africa), Asia, South America
Countries, stares, etc. France (not the France), Japan, Brazil, Texas
Islands Sicily, Bermuda, Vancouver Island, Cuba
Cities, towns, etc. Cairo, New York, Bangkok
Mountains Everest, Kilimanjaro, Fuji

But we use the in names with Republic, Kingdom, States, etc:

the Czech Republic
the United Kingdom (the UK)
the Dominican Republic
the United States of America (the USA)

– We visited Canada and the United States.


When we use Mr./Mrs./Captain/Doctor, etc. + a name, we do not use the. So we say:

Mr.Johnson / Doctor Johnson / Captain Johnson / President Johnson, etc. (not the …)
Uncle Robert / Saint Catherine / Princess Anne, etc. (not the …)

– We called the doctor.
We called Doctor Johnson. (not the Doctor Johnson)

We use mount (= mountain) and lake in the same way (without the):

Mount Everest
Mount McKinley
Lake Superior
Lake Victoria
(not the …)

  • They live near the lake.
    They live near Lake Superior. (without the)


We use the with the name of oceans, seas, rivers gulfs, and canals:

the Atlantic (Ocean)
the Gulf of Mexico
the Amazon
the Indian Ocean
the Channel (between France and Britain)
the Nile
the Caribbean (between France and Britain)
the Panama Canal

We use the with the names of deserts:

the Sahara (Desert)
the Gobi Desert


We use the with plural names of people and places:

People the Mitchells (= the Michell family), the Johnsons
Countries the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States
Croups of islands the Bahamas, the Canaries, the Hawaiian Islands
Mountain ranges the Rocky Mountains / the Rockes, the Andes, the Alps
  • The highest mountain in the Andes in Mount Aconcagua.


We say:

the north (of Mexico) but northern Mexico (without the)
the southeast (of Canada) but southeastern Canada

– Sweden is in northern Europe; Spain is in the south.

Also the Middle East, the Far East

We also use north/south, etc. (without the) in the names of some regions and countries:

North America
South Africa
southeast Texas

Note that on maps, the is not usually included in the name.

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