UNIT 67. Countable and Uncountable 1

Australia-30 grammar


A noun can be countable of uncountable:


  • I eat a banana every day.
  • I like bananas.

Banana is a countable noun.

A countable noun can be singular (banana) or plural (bananas).

We can use numbers with countable nouns.
So we can say “one banana,” “two bananas,” etc.

Examples of nouns usually countable:
– Kate was singing a song.
– There’s nice beach near here.
– Do you have a $10 bill?
– It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident.
– There are no batteries in the radio.
– We don’t have enough cups.



  • I eat rice every day.
  • I like rice.

Rice is an uncountable noun.

An uncountable noun has only one form (rice).

We cannot use numbers with uncountable nouns.
So we cannot say “one rice,” “two rices,” etc.

Examples of nouns usually uncountable:
– Kate was listening to (some) music.
– There’s sand in my shoes.
– Do you have any money?
– It wasn’t your fault. It was bad luck.
– There is no electricity in this house.
– We don’t have enough water.



You can use a/an with singular
countable nouns:

a beach
a student
an umbrella

You cannot use singular countable nouns alone (without a/the/my, etc.):
– I want a banana. (not I want banana)
– There’s been an accident. (not There’s been accident)

You can use plural countable nouns alone:
– I like bananas. (= bananas in general)
– Accidents can be prevented.

You cannot normally use a/an with uncountable nouns.
We do not say “a sand,” “a music,” “a rice.”

But you can often use a … of.
For example:

a bowl of
a pound of
a grain of rice

You can use uncountable nouns alone
(without the/my/some, etc.):
– I eat rice every day.
– There’s blood on your shirt.
– Can you hear music?



You can use some and any with plural countable nouns:
– We sang some songs.
– Did you buy any apples?

We use many and few with plural countable nouns:
– We didn’t take many pictures.
– I have a few things to do.

You can use some and any with uncountable nouns:
– We listened to some music.
– Id you buy any apple juice?

We use much and little with uncountable nouns:
– We didn’t do much shopping.
– I have a little work to do.