UNIT 132. Verb + Preposition 4 of/for/from/on

Canada-104 grammar


Verb + of
accuse / suspect somebody OF …
– Sue accused me of being selfish.
– Some students were suspected of cheating on the exam.

approve / disapprove OF …
– His parents don’t approve of what he does, but they can’t stop him.

die OF (or FROM) an illness, etc.
– “What did he die of?” “A heart attack”

consist OF …
– We had an enormous meal. It consisted of seven courses.



Verb + for
pay (somebody) FOR …
– I didn’t have enough money to pay for the meal. (not pay the meal)
but pay a bill / a fine / tax / rent / a sum of money, etc. (no preposition)
– I didn’t have enough money to pay the rent.

thank / forgive somebody FOR …
– I’ll never forgive them for what they did.

apologize (to somebody) FOR …
– When I realized I was wrong, I apologized (to them) for my mistake.

blame somebody/something FOR …, somebody is to blame FOR …
– Everybody blamed me for the accident.
– Everybody said that I was to blame for the accident.

blame (a problem, etc.) ON …
– Everybody blamed the accident on me.



Verb + from
suffer FROM an illness, etc.
– The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased.

protect somebody/something FROM (or AGAINST) …
– Sunblock protects the skin from the sun. (or … against the sun.)



Verb + on
depend / rely ON …
– “What time will you be home?” “I don’t know. It depends on the traffic.”
– You can rely on Jill. She always keeps her promises

You can use depend + when/where/how, etc. with or without on:
– “Are you going to buy it?” “It depends how much it is.” (or It depends on how much)

live ON money/food
– Michael’s salary is very low. It isn’t enough to live on.

congratulate / compliment somebody ON …
– I congratulated her on being admitted to law school.