UNIT 133. Verb + Preposition 5 in/into/with/to/on

Canada-105 grammar


Verb + in
believe IN …
– Do you believe in God? (= Do you believe that God exists?)
– I believe in saying what I think. (= I believe it is right to say what I think)
but believe something (= believe it is true), believe somebody (= believe they are telling the truth)
– The story can’t be true. I don’t believe it. (not believe in it)

specialize IN …
– Helen is a lawyer. She specializes in corporate law.

succeed IN …
– I hope you succeed in finding the job you want.



Verb + into
break INTO …
– Our house was broken into a few days ago, but nothing was stolen.

crash / drive / bump / run INTO …
– He lost control of the car and crashed into wall.

divide / cut / split something INTO two or more parts
– The book is divided int three parts.

translate a book, etc., FROM one language INTO another
– Ernest Hemingway’s books have been translated into many languages.



Verb + with
collide WITH …
– There was an accident this morning. A bus collided with a car.

fill something WITH … (but full of … – see Unit 128B)
– Take this pot and fill it with water.

provide / supply somebody WITH …
– The school provides all its students with books.



Verb + to
happen TO …
– What happened to that gold watch you used to have? (= where is it now?)

invite somebody TO a party / a wedding, etc.
– They only invited a few people to their wedding.

prefer one thing/person TO another
– I prefer tea to coffee.



Verb + on
concentrate ON …
– Don’t look out the window. Concentrate on your work.

insist ON …
– I wanted to go alone, but some friends of mine insisted on coming with me.

spend (money) ON …
– How much do you spend on food each week?


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