UNIT 76. Names with and without the 2

Australia-39 grammar


Names without the

We do not use the with names of most city streets / roads / squares / parks, etc.

Union Street (not the ...)
Fifth Avenue
Central Park
Wilshire  Boulevard
Time Square

Names of important public buildings and institutions (for example, airports, stations, universities) are often two words:

Kennedy Airport
Cambridge University

The first word is the name of a place (Cambridge) or a person (Kennedy).
These names are usually without the. In the same way, we say:

Penn Station (not the ...)
Boston University
Carnegie Hall
Lincoln Center
Buckingham palace


Buckingham Palace (not the ...)
the Royal Palace

(“Royal” is an adjective – it is not a name like “Buckingham.”)


Most other buildings have name with the. For example:

Hotels / restaurants the Sheraton Hotel, the Delihi Restaurant, the Holiday Inn (hotel)
Theaters / movie theaters the Shubert Theater, the Cineplex Odeon (movie theater)
Museums / galleries the Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery
Other buildings / bridges the Empire State Building, the White House, the Brooklyn Bridge

We often leave out the room:

the Sheraton (Hotel)
the Palace (Theater)
the Guggenheim (Museum)

Some names are only the + noun, for example:

the Acropolis
the Kremlin
the Pentagon


Names with of usually have the. For example:

the Bank of England
the Museum of Modern Art
the Great Wall of China
the Tower of London

Note that we say:

the University of Michigan but Michigan state University (without the)


Many stores, restaurants, hotels, banks, etc., are named after the people who started them.

These names end in -‘s or -s. We do not use the with these names:

Joe's Diner
Macy's (department store)

Churches are often named after saints:

St.John's Church (not the St.John's Church)
St.Patrick's Cathedral


Most newspapers and many organizations have names with the:

Newspapers the Washington Post, the Financial Times, the Tribune
Organizations the European Union, the BBC, the Red Cross

Names of companies, airlines, etc., are usually without the:

Fiat (not the Fiat)
Delta Air Lines
Apple Computer
Cambridge University Press