UNIT 73. The 3 (children / the children)

Australia-36 grammar
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C


When we are talking about things or people in genera, we do not use the:
– I’m afraid of dogs. (not the dogs)
(dogs = dogs in general, not a specific group of dogs)
– DOctors are paid more than teachers.
– Do you collect stamps?
– Crime is problem in most big cities. (not The crime)
– Life has changed a lot in the last 30 years (not The life)
– Do you like classical music / Chinese food / fast cars?
– My favorite sport is football/skiing/hokey.
– My favorite subject at school was history/physics/English.

We say “most people / most books / most cars,” etc. (not the most …):
– Most hotels accept credit cards. (not the most hotels)


We use the when we mean specific things or people.
In general (without the)

  • Children learn from playing. (= children in general)
  • I couldn’t lie without music.
  • All cars have wheels.
  • Sugar isn’t very good for you.
  • Do Americans drink much tea? (= Americans in general)

Specific people or things (with the)
– We took the children to the zoo.
(= a specific group, perhaps the speaker’s children)
– The movie wasn’t very good, but I liked the music. (= the music in the movie)
– All the cars in this parking lot belong to people who work here.
– Can you pass the sugar, please? (= the sugar on the table)
– Do the Americans you know drink tea?
(= only the Americans you know, not Americans in general)



The difference between “something in general” and “something specific” is not always clear.
In general (without the)

  • I like working with people. (= people in general)
  • I like working with people who are lively.
    (not all people, but “people who are lively” is still a general idea)
  • Do you like coffee? (= coffee in general)
  • Do you like string black coffee?
    (not all coffee, but “strong black coffee” is still a general idea)

Specific people or thing (with the)

  • I like the people I work with.
    (= a specific group of people)

  • Did you like the coffee we had after dinner last night?
    (= specific coffee)


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