About Tanabata

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During online English lesson, my second born son (3 years old) wearing Jinbei rushed in, so I decided to talk about Tanabata.

But I couldn’t speak it well.
So I asked a friend of mine so that I could explain Tanabata well.

I’ve heard some phrases that could be used in conversation, so I’ll write them down.

About Tanabata

This is a story about the prince hikobishi and princess ohirime who met during Tanabata festival.

This festival is being celebrated every year in Japan.

But actually, China introduced this kind of culture to Japan during the ancient times.

People during Tanabata Festival wear traditional costumes to celebrate the event.

They write their wishes on a piece of paper and put it in the bamboo tree.


A friend of mine also introduced me to a great site that explains Tanabata in English.

What is Tanabata? Japan’s Star Festival
The Tanabata festival, also known as the Star Festival or Hoshi Matsuri, is a traditional summertime celebration in Japa...