My easy-to-use pen

iPad-pen life

I hesitated to buy a Apple’s official iPad pen that the price is over 10,000 yen, but I decided to buy it after all.

I had a Wacom’s pen, but it didn’t respond well.
Also, the cheap pen’s appearance and usability were pretty bad, so I didn’t feel like using it regularly.

I feel like I’m on Apple’s strategy. But it is OK.

Apple公式の iPadのペンのお値段が1万オーバーだったので、買うのをためらっていたが、結局買うことにした。
Wacom のペンを1つ持ってたが、うまく反応しねーっす。

うまく Appleの戦略に乗せられた気がするが、まぁいいや。


that price is ~

→ that the price is ~

I had a Wacom’s pen but

→ この文も but の前にカンマ欲しいです