The Philippines social problem “Exploitation of labor”

exploitation culture

I had a online lesson with one tutor who was an intern in the Philippines.

She told me that the interns pay to the company also they don’t receive any salary.

I was really shocked by such circumstance.

She pay 660 dollar for 3 years, but it varies up to 1,300 dollar depends area.

It is one of social problem, called “Exploitation of labor”

She said “I have no choice. It is necessary to graduate”.

But, I worry about some compares take advantage of this system.


その講師は3年間で660ドル払っているらしいが、地域によっては 1300ドルぐらいするらしい

一応、フィリピンでは社会問題になっていて、”Exploitation of labor(労働搾取)” と呼ばれているそうな。