UNIT 124. In/at/on (Other Users)

Canada-26 grammar


Expressions with in

in the rain / in the sun(=sunshine) / in the shade / in the dark / in bad weather, etc.
– We sat in the shade. It was too hot to sit in the sun./
– Don’t go out in the rain. Wait until it stops.

(write) in ink / in pen / in pencil
– When you take the exam, you’re not allowed to write in pencil.
Also (write) in words / in numbers / in capital letters, etc.
– Please write your name in capital letters.
– Write the story in your own words. (= don’t copy somebody else)

(be/fall) in love (with somebody)
– Have you ever been in love with anybody?

in (my) opinion
– In my opinion, the movie wasn’t very good.


At the age of …, etc.

We say at the age of 16 / at 120 miles an hour / at 100 degrees, etc.:
– Tracy left school at 16. or … at the age of 16.
– The train was travelling at 120 miles an hour.
– Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

We are now flying at a speed of 500 miles per hour at an altitude of 30,000 feet.


On vacation / on a tour, etc.

We say: (be/go) on vacation / on business / on a trip / on a tour/ on a cruise, etc.
– I’m going on vacation next week.
– Emma’s away on business at this time.
– One day I’d like to go on world tour.

you can also say “go to a place for vacation”:
– Steve has gone to France for vacation.


Other expressions with on

on television / on the radio
– I didn’t watch the news on television, but I heard it on the radio.

on the phone/telephone
– I’ve never met her, but I’ve spoken to her on the phone a fer times.

(be/go) on strike
– There are no trains today. The railroad workers are on strike.

(be/go) on a diet
– I’ve put on a lot of weight. I’ll have to go on a diet.

(be) on fire
– Look! That car is on fire.

on the while (= in general)
– Sometimes I have problems at work, but on the whole I enjoy my job.

on purpose (= intentionally)
– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to annoy you. I didn’t do it on purpose.