UNIT 126. Noun + Preposition (reason for, cause of, etc.)

Canada-28 grammar


Noun + for …

a check FOR (a sum of money)
– They sent me a check for $200.

a demand / a need FOR …
– The company closed down because there wasn’t enough demand for its product.
– There’s no excuse for behavior like that. There’s no need for it.

a reason FOR …
– The train was late, but nobody knew the reason for the delay. (not reason of)



Noun + of …
an advantage / a disadvantage OF …
– The advantage of living alone is this you can do what you like.

but there is an advantage to (or in) doing something
– There are many advantages to living alone. (or … in living alone)

a cause OF …
– The cause of the explosion is unknown.

a photo / a picture / a map / a plan / a drawing, etc. OF …
– Rachel showed me some photos of her family.
– I had a map of the town, so I was able to find my way around.



Noun + in
an increase / a decrease / a rise / a drop IN (prices, etc.)
– There has been an increase in the number of traffic accidents recently.
– Last year was a bad one for the company. There was a big drop in sales.



Noun + to … / toward …
damage TO …
– The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage to the other car.

an invitation TO … (a party / a wedding, etc.)
– Did you get an invitation to the party?

a solution TO (a problem) / a key TO (a door) / an answer TO (a question) / a replay TO (a letter) / a reaction TO …
– I hope we find a solution to the problem. (not a solution of the problem)
– I was surprised at her reaction to my suggestion.

an attitude TOWARD …
– His attitude toward his job is very negative.



Noun + with … / between …
a relationship / a connection / contact WITH …
– Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
– The police want to question a man in connection with the bobbery.

but a relationship / a connection / contact / a difference BETWEEN two things of people
– The police believe that there is no connection between the two crimes.
– There are some differences between British and American English.


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