UNIT 137. Phrasal Verbs 4 on/off(1)

Canada-109 grammar


on and off for lights, machines, etc.
We say: the light is on / put the light on / leave the light on, etc.
turn the light on/off or shut the light off

  • Should I leave the lights on or turn them off?
  • “Is the heat on?” “No, I shut it off.”
  • Who left the computer on?

ALso put on some music / a CD / a DVD, etc.
– “What’s this CD like?” “It’s great. Should I put it on?”



on and off for events, etc.
go on = happen
– What’s all that noise? What’s going on? (= what’s happening)

call something off = cancel it
– The open air concert had to be called off because of the weather.

put something off, put off doing something = delay it
– The wedding has been put off until January.
– We can’t put off making a decision. We have to decide now.



on and off for clothes, etc.
put on cloths, glassed, makeup, a seat belt, etc.
– My hands were cold, so I put my gloves on.

Also put on weight = get heavier
– I’ve put on five pounds in the last month.

try on clothes (to see if hey fit)
– I tried on a jacket in the store, but it didn’t fit me very well.

have something on = be wearing(clothes, jewelery, perfume, etc.)
– I like the perfume you had on yesterday.

take off clothes, glasses, etc.
– It was warm, so I took off my jacket.



off = away from a person or place
be off (to a place)
– Tomorrow I’m off to Paris / I’m off to the store.
(= I’m going to Paris / I’m going shopping)

walk off / run off / drive off / ride off / go off (similar to walk away / run away, etc.)
– Diane got on her bike and rode off.
– Mark left home at the age of 18 and went off to Canada.

take off = leave the ground (for planes)
– After a long delay the plane finally took off.

see somebody off = go with them to the airport/station to stay goodbye
– Helen was going away. We went to the station with her to see her off.