Dental treatment and subsequent meals

teeth-hygiene life

I went to the dentist because there was a hole in my back tooth.
It was pretty terrible. I didn’t notice, but there were a total of 10 caries.
I brush my teeth every day, why are they so bad!?

The worst cavity had reached the nerve.
However, The dentist managed to keep my tooth nerve!
There was no feeling in a part of my mouth, because the dentist gave me a lot of anesthesia during treatment.

After that, I was hungry and ate fried rice.
Then I bit my cheek with unthinkable momentum because of no sense.
But it didn’t hurt at all because the anesthesia was still working!

I’d been nervous about how painful it would be when the anesthesia was gone, but it wasn’t surprising.
On that day, I could eat yakiniku normally.






there was a hole in my back teeth

→ もしこの「奥歯」が特定の1本のことであれば、tooth


→ dental caries もしくは cavities が一般的(文脈上 caries も通じるが)

why is it so bad!?

→ why are they ~(複数)

The worst caries is the last line of whether to take nerves or not.

→ The worst cavity had reached the nerve(最悪の歯は神経に達していた、になるのでかなり変わってしまいましたが、英語的ではあります笑)

The doctor

→ the dentist(小文字+歯医者はドクターとは呼ばない)

managed to keep my tooth nerves!

→ nerve(単数)

of a part of my mouth

→ in a part of ~

the doctor used a lot of anesthesia

→ the dentist gave me a lot of anesthesia

at the time of treatment

→ すっきりさせるには、during treatment

Then I bit my mouth

→ 噛んだのが頬の内側であれば、my cheek というらしいです

But it doesn’t hurt at all because anesthesia works!

→ ① didn’t
② the anesthesia was still working!(英語では過去形がベター)

I was nervous about

→ I’d/I had been nervous about(時制)

how much pain I had

→ how painful it would be(無難)

when anesthesia was gone

→ when the anesthesia ~(冠詞)


I think Japanese dentists are the best in the world. Even if you started to work abroad, you’d better come back for a dental checkup and a haircut (;))