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advent-calendar life

I wrote an Advent calendar.
I don’t feel it is so familiar in Japan, but it has spread widely among engineers.

The calendar is divided into categories and there are many technical topics.
Of course, we can develop new topics freely.
Many engineers apply for the date of own part. And they write a each entry.
by the way, this is the entry I wrote.

cf. Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.




a Advent calendar

→ an

I fell it is not so familiar

→ ① feel
②ただし英文の場合、主文が肯定で中身が否定になるケースは少なく、主文を否定にするほうが一般的 I don’t feel it is so familiar

We can create new topics freely.

→ ① we
② topic に対し、create がふさわしい動詞か不明(develop なら問題なし)

Many engineers applies for the date of own part.

→ apply ※イメージのつかめない世界なので、apply for the date of own part が正しい表現かは不明

And they write an each entry.

→ an 不要 ※同じく、write each entry が正しい表現かは不明


Haha, I thought Advent Calendar is only for us Christian!