Enjoyable English

English07 Learning english

At the beginning, I had been thinking “I don’t want to study !”

However I’d thought of how improve English and then I have started writing my English diary as part of my study English.
it’s so much fun for me now.

It isn’t that fun when I write it, but I feel it’s so much fun that I can ask my teacher what I want to know and see the process that my English sentences are corrected by her.




First, I felt “I don’t like English! I don’t want to Study!”
Then, I consider “How do I lean English.” seriously and started writing an English diary as a study method.
Now that’s a lot of fun!

It’s not so fun to write it, but it’s very fun I can ask my teacher during the process of correcting the English text.



At the beginning I couldn’t find any enjoyment from studying English.
However I had tried to figure out how I improve my English , then I have started writing English diary as learning English.
It is so much fun now.
To be honest , writing English diary isn’t that fun but I like to have a conversation with my teacher about my English and am happy to get new knowledge by her advice.